Veterans who return home from combat and military deployment, unfortunately, face a number of challenges while trying to acclimatize to civilian life. One of the main things among these challenges is dealing with psychological and emotional trauma of battlefield experiences and the toll it takes on their mental health. Unfortunately, far too many of them self-medicate by turning to alcohol or controlled substances, and the human cost is staggering. The problem of addiction is one that plagues veterans, and at The Haven Texas, we provide options to help men and women in uniform rebuild their lives. 


Asking for help isn’t easy, especially when you’ve been trained to display strength and courage under the worst of circumstances. The truth is that reaching out to others for help with a drug or alcohol problem takes tremendous strength and courage. Dealing with the aftermath of psychological trauma alone can destroy your physical health, ruin personal relationships and leave you financially devastated. At the Haven Texas, our addiction professionals understand that military service members and veterans need unique services in recovery.


Whether you’re seeking help for yourself, a family member or someone you care about, you shouldn’t face the challenges of recovery alone. Intensive counseling, medical supervision and structured group therapy are important components of military drug and alcohol rehabilitation. To ensure that you get the comprehensive treatment you require, call us at 903.609.0544 and we’ll do everything we can to help you get back to a healthy way of life.